MA Program Details

The Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies (IPS) Master of Arts degree requires two years of full-time study and a minimum of 73 units to graduate. During the first year, students will undertake a broad range of courses designed to build a foundation from which to grow. This includes the coursework in the global core, quantitative core, and skills core, as well as the gateway course for their area of concentration. In the second year, students focus on their area of concentration, of which there are five options:

In addition to the concentration courses in the second year, students undertake a practicum, applying the skills they have learned in a small-group setting to provide real-world clients with solutions to current global issues. Full details are available at Stanford's Explore Degrees website. 

Program Structure

Global Core
     International Relations Theory 3
  International Policy Colloquium 1
Quantitative Core
  International Economics 5
  Advanced Economics 4-5
  Statistics 5
  Econometrics 5
Skills Core
  Policy Writing 5
  Justice 4-5
  Decision Making  4
  Skills Elective 3-5
Area of Concentration
  Gateway 4-5
  Electives 20+
  Practicum 10
Program Total 73

Language Requirement

IPS students must show proficiency in a foreign language in order to graduate. Such proficiency can be demonstrated by:

  1. Three years of university-level course work in a foreign language; or
  2. Passing an oral and written proficiency examination before graduation; or
  3. English is the second language.