The Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies offers significant support to students who would like to spend the summers in between their first and second years with international organizations.

The IPS office hosts career events, provides one-on-one advising to students, coordinates resume collections for internship employers, and introduces students to Stanford alumni in their areas of interest.

Funding is available to IPS students to support 10-week summer internships with international organizations or NGOs that work on international policy issues. Stipends can range up to $5,000 and may be used to cover travel, room and board, and living expenses.

Internships can take place anywhere in the world, but the content and activities of the internship should contribute to the student's development as a professional working on international policy-related issues.

Recent Internships

Afghanistan’s Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS), Research Assistant
Kabul, Afghanistan

Touring Faryab province

Jon Gatto spent his summer researching and writing proposals for ACRPS' projects and activities. The independent think tank, which was co-founded by IPS alumni Ahmad Idrees Rahmani, focuses mainly on Afghanistan's economic and political development. Jon took part in two field trips to the north of the country. On the first trip to the Northeastern region, he interviewed farmers about rising food prices and spoke to government officials about potential public interventions in the food market. On the second trip, he met with village elders to discuss their relations with the West. Jon also trained ACRPS interns from Kabul University in research design and methods.

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), Intern
Paris, France

Kelly Spann interned with CGAP, an affiliate of the World Bank, primarily conducting research on the increasing role of Foundations in microfinance, including assessment of the volume and type of investments and identification of investment trends. She also did research into performance measurement best practices at the meso (e.g., financial infrastructure) and macro (e.g., government policy) levels of the microfinance industry, in support of CGAP’s effort to develop new industry standards. Kelly authored a briefing on a recent CGAP publication summarizing methods for appraisal of microfinance institutions to support sound donor and investor decision-making.

International Monetary Fund (IMF), Intern
Washington, DC

Ayesha Ali worked for the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) at the IMF and was involved in an ongoing project examining the organization's role in advising on international trade policy issues. She produced an in-depth case study as a background document for the project, based on IMF’s experience in Bangladesh from 1996-2007. The case study encompassed four broad evaluation areas in light of Bangladesh’s experience: the usefulness of the internal guidance on trade policy advice within the Fund, the appropriateness and the quality of the trade advice and conditionality proposed by the Fund, the effectiveness of inter-agency collaboration with other international organizations on trade policy, and the effectiveness of the Fund’s advice in producing changes in the overall trade regime and trade flows in Bangladesh.


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