IPSSA Events

In addition to brown-bag lunches with notable Stanford affiliates, networking events and social gatherings, IPSSA sponsors and runs “Chat -- The Leaders of Tomorrow, Tonight.” About once a month, students share personal stories, from research interests to travel stories to professional experiences. Convening over drinks and snacks, IPS Chats create a forum in which students can benefit from the unique and diverse perspectives within the IPS student body, engendering personal and professional opportunities that last far beyond graduation from the program.


2012-13 IPSSA Events:

September 23 - Welcome (Welcome Back) BBQ for all IPS students and local alumni
October 6 - IPS Chat, Ryan Triolo and Fernando Velloso Neto
October 23 - Brown Bag Lunch with Beth Duff-Brown, "storyteller in residence" at CISAC
October 27 – Tailgate, Stanford vs. WSU Football Game
October 31 – Brown Bag Lunch with Ana Cristina Nunez the former head legal counsel for GLOBOVISION, the last independent TV network in Venezuela.
November 2 – IPS Chat, Rafael Burde and Hasan Sagkol
November 14 - 'Fireside Chat" with Peter Bergen, director of the National Security Studies Program at the New America Foundation, author of numerous books about Bin Laden and Al Qaida (The Longest War, Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden) and CNN's national security analyst.

January – IPS Chat
January – Cheese Tasting Evening
January – Brown Bag Lunch
January – Trip to Lake Tahoe, California
February – IPS Chat
February – Happy Hour
February - Brown Bag Lunch
March – IPS Chat

April - IPS Chat
April – Brown Bag Lunch
May – IPS Chat
May – Brown Bag Lunch
June – IPS Chat