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Global Health

The field of global health is concerned with health policy issues that transcend borders. It takes a global approach to public health and lies at the intersection of science, behavior, culture and society. Issues such as preventing the spread of infectious diseases, providing access to healthcare, combating HIV/AIDS, and reducing maternal and child mortality rates have an effect on all nations and are best addressed by cooperative actions and solutions.

A concentration in global health aims to provide students with a solid understanding of health services research concepts and methodologies. It combines health services research, health policy and health economics to teach students how to formulate effective laws and regulations governing global health issues. The major foci will be on: comparisons of international health systems, healthcare financing and effects of structural changes in healthcare, effects of healthcare laws and regulations, and health disparities.

Research Centers

The global health concentration is directly linked to both Stanford’s Center for Health Policy (CHP) as well as Stanford’s Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research (PCOR). These centers operate under the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) and the Stanford School of Medicine, respectively. CHP/PCOR produce sophisticated research and timely information to guide health policy and improve clinical practice. The centers emphasize multidisciplinary interaction and research, with faculty from diverse fields including medicine, economics, statistics, business, law, engineering, sociology and psychology.

Gateway Course

The class is an introduction to the fields of international public health and global medicine. It focuses on resource poor areas of the world and explores major global health problems and their relation to policy, economic development and human rights. The course is intended for students interested in global health, development studies, or international relations, and provides opportunities for in-depth discussion and interaction with experts in the field.

Elective Courses

A full list of elective course for the Global Health concentration can be found online in Explore Degrees.